Private Families & Residences
Private Childcare- Sitters, Nannies, Tutors,
Private Pet Care- Dog Walkers, Dog Sitters
Private Adult/Elder Care -Caregivers
Private House Manager/Sitter ( rates furnished upon request)

Hotel Services
Hotel Childcare-Sitters ,Tutors
Hotel Pet Care- Dog Walkers, Dog Sitters
Hotel Adult & Elder Care- Caregivers

Corporate Backup Care- (contracted rates)
Private Childcare-Sitters,Nannies, Tutors
Private Pet Care-Dog Walkers, Dog Sitters
Private Adult/Elder Care-Caregivers


24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Please contact us to schedule a service.

We accept credit cards over the phone or you can pay in person at the time of service.

*All of our rates are all inclusive * Flat rates- up to 2 pets per dog sitter, 3 children per sitter *No overtime charges *

Our service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

*Sitters are equipped with poop bags & complimentary toy for each pet and/or child

Placing a Service Order

Placing a Service Order:
We are currently working to build a fully automated site.

To place an order please email or call us.

  • Toll Free- (800) 748-8416
  • New York- (212) 748-8377 call or text
  • California-(760)422-5844