House Sitter

An experienced fully screened sitter, arranging and maintaining all duties required for running a private household.


A house sitter is someone employed to look after your house, while you’re away. Their main goal is to make sure that everything runs smoothly, just as if the owners of the house were there themselves.

The house sitter will assume any combination of responsibilities that you may ask of them. For example, if you have pets, you may ask your house sitter to look after them. You may also ask your house sitter to perform general maintenance, like keeping the house neat and tidy. House sitters are also tasked with getting the mail. But more importantly, they are tasked with keeping trespassers off the property.

Why should you get a house sitter? Well, usually crime is less likely to happen when there’s a presence in the house. Typically, burglars tends to keep away when there is someone in the house. So to keep yourself at ease and to ensure that your home will be safe, get yourself a house sitter.

Here at Family Care Options we give you an experienced fully screened house sitter who is capable of arranging and maintaining all duties required for running a private household. One of our representatives will review your application with you to ensure that your family gets paired with the right house sitter for you. Rest assure that you will get someone who will meet your needs. Call us today to to book a house sitter!


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