House Manager

An accomplished, qualified individual hired to manage and supervise a household and household staff.


Keeping up with today’s lifestyles can be extremely difficult. Therefore, house managers can be extremely helpful for families. Hiring a house manager gives you the time you need to spend it with your family.
What does a house manager do?

A house manager is a person employed to manage and supervise a household and household staff. Their responsibilities will be differ in each establishment.

They may work for a large family with complicated schedules, or with a smaller family who simply want to spend more time with each other, or for a family who is career driven and wants to spend more time building the business. As a result, the responsibilities of a house manager will varied depending on the size of the household. For example, in a large staffed home, the house manager will be in charge of supervising and training the private-service staff as well as overseeing the work of service contractors.

Furthermore, house managers are required to have in-depth technical knowledge in house maintenance, such as cleaning, clothing, food and menu planning. A house manager may also be tasked with feeding the dog and/or cat, making coffee in the morning, and in general making sure everything runs smoothly. A house manager is tasked with managing the schedules and calendars. They also do event planning, they arrange personal and professional appointments, they schedule home maintenance and repair work, they handle household bills and administrative duties, and run errands.

With our trained staff, Family Care Options will pair you up with the right house manger for you— one who will meet the needs of your family. You can rest assured that you will be more relaxed and have the energy for your family and the things you love. Give us a call today to apply for your house manager!


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